About UK3D

The UK3D website was setup to showcase some of Sean’s creative output. He has been producing digital illustrations since the 1980’s when personal computers first became affordable. Since then he has continued to adapt his skills and style to reflect the time. He works mostly on the Apple platform in both 2D and 3D. Sean works with traditional paper sketch books or the iPad combining disciplines, this development is reflected in the Daily Sketch area of the site.

Sean’s love of storytelling are showcased in his evolving graphic novel Cordycep Appocalypse, which he hopes to publish. The story follows the life of a group of scientists trying to halt the spread of a virulent infestation of fungal cordycep’s that adapt the human form and behaviour. Sean’s research into the science of these events are reflected throughout the narrative. Limbo as a comic strip comes from Sean’s long standing admiration for short form comics. Where ideas or stories are made to fit within the minimum number of panels. The many forms of death and the wide variety of sin allow Sean to explore the whimsical nature of life.

Non of the work presented here are motivated by any commercial goal. They are to fulfil that creative itch that all artists have. The ambition is to create and share those results with as wide an audience as possible. That said Sean is always open to making money from what he loves to do. So if you or any others you know would be interested in his work please get in touch here.